A comic book want list is a great way for people to get back order and current issues that they have been wanting. Whether or not it’s an issue of Superman from the 80’s or an upcoming issue of Captain Marvel, a want list gives power to the customer when it comes to getting the issues they desire. However, did you know that answering to your customer’s want lists can help you build a working business relationship? There are many advantages to giving the customer what they want. Here are some examples of why you should listen to your customers when it comes to ordering the right issues.

Exclusive Shopping

If you have a reputation for ordering the right issues for customers when they request specifics for their want lists, your customers will naturally gravitate towards coming to you for all of their comic book needs. You build a working business relationship with them by answering to their want lists and giving them the issues that they cannot find anywhere else. This will promote business loyalty and ensure that your customers will only want to choose you as their go-to source for all things comic books.

Increase in Sales

One of the most important aspect of any comic book business, whether it be online or at a store-front, is maintaining appropriate sales. Some customers may not be interested in buying into current issues and storylines of their favorite heroes. Some of them may be more interested in requesting the older issues that they missed from years ago. There is a lot of demand for back ordering, and want lists will help you increase your sales and garner a working business relationship with these customers who will come to trust you.

Word of Mouth Grows Your Business

To tie into the previous point, if you satisfy one customer by providing them with the comics they want on their want list, they are more than likely to tell another friend about your business. People underestimate the power of word of mouth and how it can shape a business. Working with your customers and ordering the issues that they want for their want lists are important to not only provide for the current customer, but to also to make an example of why your comic business gives the best customer service around.

Working With Your Customers

While the old saying the customer is always right doesn’t necessarily work all the time, listening to your customer’s needs, specifically those hard to find comics on their want lists, is a great way to develop your business and build trust within your business circles. Older comics are getting harder to find and if you have the resources to deliver them to the customer, you will find a loyal base of happy collectors who would be more than willing to shop with you for all of their comic book needs.