Comic books and related memorabilia are valuable collectors’ items that have spawned an ongoing multi-million dollar a year industry. There remains an active market for stores dedicating a portion of their business to offer collectors and dealers consignment space to sell their items.

While many comic book enthusiasts have begun using popular online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell collectible items, consignment services at your comic book store can offer collectors and dealers the chance to display their wares for your flow of interested customers.

How Does Comic Book Consignment Work?

Dealers and collectors can display items in your comic book store either digitally or in person, and you get a cut of the profits when a sale is completed. There is typically no upfront fee to display items in your store and/or on your website. You will help sell the items and you keep a pre-established commission percentage.

Comic book store consignment services typically allow for displays of comic books and related memorabilia such as:

  • Action figures
  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Artwork, statues
  • Autographs
  • Costumes
  • Posters

Your Comic Book Consignment Options

There are a variety of ways dealers and collectors can sell their valuable comic books and other collectibles in today’s diverse marketplace. Whether consumers physically go to your store or use your expertise to sell their items online, consignment is the most effective sales technique in this competitive specialty industry.

In-Store Consignment

Comic book store lovers spend hours sifting through crates of vintage and modern comic books and other memorabilia. It has always been and still remains to comic book lovers what record stores have always been for music lovers.

The most technologically advanced visually stunning product video can never match the experience of physically holding a comic book in one’s hands. Displaying items among other valuable collectibles also adds a level of credibility by association.

Consignment-Only Stores

Some comic book stores only stock items on consignment, either in a brick-and-mortar store or online catalog or both. These specialty stores rely exclusively on dealers and collectors to provide inventory that attracts the most diehard comic book enthusiasts.

Online Only Consignment

The acceptance and availability of online shopping have created a digital community of buyers and sellers that trade in comic books and related collectibles through online-only consignment stores. You can use your store’s brand credibility and awareness to give consumers a sense of confidence and security to deal with a respected and established business.  

Benefits of Consignment Services for Comic Book Stores

The consignment process is easy and provides a wide range of benefits to both comic shop owners and your customers.

Professional Expertise

When dealers and collectors place items in your comic book store for consignment, they know they will be sold by experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and consumer trends. You have the ability to get the most for consignment items and assure a fair market price for both parties.

Added Inventory

Offering consignment options for your comic book store allows you to add valuable inventory to your store without the risk. Let your most enthusiastic and knowledgeable dealers and customers fill out your store with unique items you would otherwise not have access to.


There is no money exchanged to have others display consigned items for sale in your shop. If the items do not sell, they can simply be returned to the consigner with nothing lost in the transaction. Consignment services are a risk-free sales option for all parties involved.  

Consignment is Effective Business Model for Comic Book Shop Owners

Consignment has long been an effective business model for a wide range of products and fits in perfectly with the needs and structure of the comic book industry. You are the expert in your field that can offer dealers and collectors a viable outlet to sell their comic books and other related memorabilia.

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