Since Dungeons and Dragons came on the gaming scene in the mid-1970s, fantasy card games have maintained steady popularity with hundreds of offshoots and variations on the original. One of the most successful of these is Magic: The Gathering, a role-playing fantasy and collectible card game that is far more complex and involved than D&D.

Created by mathematician Richard Garfield in 1993, “MTG” has adapted well to the digital age, seamlessly fusing digital and physical, in-person games. Players and enthusiasts choose between tens of thousands of game cards and sets that come with varying features and powers.

MTG Offers Unique Inventory for Comic Book Stores

Magic: The Gatherer offers comic book stores and dealers a completely separate set of inventory opportunities from the traditional comic books and related merchandise. Dealing in MTG game cards attracts serious game players and collectors that are looking to buy and sell cards to refine their collections and give them the best chance at winning.

Yes, winning. Unlike D&D and other character-generating fantasy games, a game of MTG actually will finish and a winner will be declared. Though like all fantasy card games, the characters, the experiences, and the journey are the main draws for players of all ages.

MTG Presents Challenges, Opportunities for Dealer Websites

Like many comic book customer categories and subsets, MTG’s fans and collectors are fiercely invested in the game and the paraphernalia that goes with it. The diversity, detailed information, and sheer volume of cards available in the MTG world make it challenging to properly display and present them in an orderly way that makes it easiest for the consumers and dealers to browse and search for what they are looking for.

Specific characters and cards can be sold individually or in sets. All of the detailed information that dictates the powers and characteristics of the characters depicted needs to be organized, cataloged, and made easy to search for based on a number of criteria.

Intrackt Specializes in Comic Book, Fantasy Card Genre eCommerce Websites

The online product display and presentation challenges for fantasy game cards for MTG requires a website that is customized for detailed advanced search options and cross-referencing card attributes and character sets.

At Intrackt, a team of skilled and creative web designers and administrators can create the ideal conditions for players, enthusiasts, and dealers of Magic: The Gathering cards and other merchandise. Contact Intrackt today for complete information on our web design, development, and digital marketing services.

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