eCommerce Plugins for Comic Sellers

Boost Your Online Comic Book, Toys and Collectible Sales

The following features provide the features you need to manage and improve your online sales. They are designed specifically to assist comic sellers.

Consignment Seller Manager

  • Your customers can sell products on consignment on the website
  • Sellers load their own products, then you and seller are notified of sales
  • You can manage also sellers and their products

Customer Want Lists

  • Allows customers to add products they would like to wish lists
  • Whenever a match is found the module will notify the customer via email
  • Customers can enter general or specific items in their want lists

Make An Offer Module

  • Shopper can make an offer to purchase an item below the listed purchase price
  • Appears on every product or only the specific products you select
  • Module has a hidden “minimum sell value” so only serious offers are sent

Advanced Search Functions

  • Allow for sophisticated search functions
  • Shoppers can select items by title, condition, issue, grade, and comic age
  • Advanced search specific for other types of collectibles such as Magic Cards

Multiple Product Templates

  • Add products using one or a variety of templates
  • Match the template with information for specific types of products
  • Template for comics, Magic Cards, toys, games and more

Marketplace Product Feeds

  • Connect your Amazon, eBay and other marketplace listings with products on your website
  • Sync the inventory so items update no matter where they are sold
  • Configure connections and account to match your requirements

Calendar & Events Manager

  • Display and promote upcoming events and shows
  • Host events that require tickets/reservations
  • Allows for tickets/reservations to be free or feature a ticket price